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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ boss reveals why he thinks Neron is a better villain than season 3’s Mallus

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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Can the Legends defeat Neron without killing Ray (Brandon Routh) and Constantine (Matt Ryan)? That’s the question in the exclusive Legends of Tomorrow clip above.

Last week’s episode ended with Neron successfully taking over sweet ol’ Ray’s body and kidnapping Constantine. When we catch up with the Legends in tonight’s episode — the cheekily titled “Nip/Stuck” — the team tracks the demon down to the Ice Age and corners him (and Constantine) on a snowy mountain with the Waverider. In the moment, it seems as though there are only two options: To fire or not to fire?

“Sara open fire now. This might be your only chance,” says a shivering Constantine.”Blow us both to kingdom come, I’ll be happy to go out for the cause.” Of course, raining hell on the snowy cliff would also kill any chance they had at saving Ray, but Constantine thinks the sacrifice is worth it. “If you let Neron walk, things are going to get much, much worse. Trust me!”

Captain Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) hesitates — and in that moment, Mick (Dominic Purcell), of all people, steps up and gives Gideon the order to fire. The episode’s logline teased that Mick makes a tough call that drives a wedge in the team, and this appears to be it.

Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow

Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Even though it seems as though the situation is rather tense, showrunner Phil Klemmer describes this episode as a “a deep breath” before the final two episodes of the season.

“414 is kind of a bottle episode, spam in the can, trapped on the Waverider for half of the story,” Klemmer tells EW. “The last two episodes are runaway train kind of plot resolution that we really made this concerted decision that we wanted to let the Legends touch base and let the audience know where everybody is emotionally [in episodes 413 and 414] before you, again, pull the breaks and there is no stopping.”

Furthermore, in Klemmer’s mind, “Nip/Stuck” will also highlight what makes the body-hopping Neron a better villain than season 3’s Mallus, at least from a storytelling perspective.

“By the time we get into 14, everybody knows that he’s the bad guy and he’s kidnapped Constantine. The nice thing is when you have Brandon Routh [as] the mouthpiece of your season-long villain, you can have these conversations that you couldn’t do with Mallus. We can get to know who he is, what his agenda is, and why he hates us so much,” says Klemmer. “Mallus is just kind of a depersonalized season-long baddie. Neron has possessed the love of Constantine’s life and takes Nate’s best friend and sends Ray Palmer’s soul to hell. He killed Hank Heywood. He does all of these horrific things. But then we also [have] justifications for why he’s doing all of this, which is nice. The fact that we have a body jumping demon, we have a number of times to have stories. Hopefully, by the end, nobody is ever going to route for Neron, but you’re like, ‘Yeah, I know what he’s doing. I understand why he hates our guys.’

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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