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November ba, 2009


Dragon Age: Origins – Warden’s Keep

Warden’s Keep is downloadable content available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PlayStation Store, and BioWare’s official site for the PC. It is included in the Digital Deluxe Edition and the Ultimate Edition.

Warden’s Keep grants players access to the fortress of Soldier’s Peak, a quest to unlock the mysteries of the fortress, two new talents/spells for each class from the Power of Blood school, two achievements, and various items. In addition, Warden’s Keep includes two new merchants and a Party Storage Chest that allows the player to store additional inventory.



Centuries before the events of Dragon Age: Origins, the Grey Wardens of Ferelden took up arms against their kingdom’s rulers. This tumultuous event led to the expulsion of the Grey Wardens from Ferelden, leaving their ancient fortress of Soldier’s Peak to the ravages of time. This downloadable content provides the Warden with an opportunity to aid Levi Dryden in redeeming his family name by proving that Sophia Dryden, his great great grandmother and commander of the Grey Wardens at Soldier’s Peak, acted honorably.



This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Soldier’s Peak

Main article: Soldier’s Peak (quest)

The highlight of this downloadable nội dung is the fortress of Soldier’s Peak và the eponymous quest. The quest takes the Warden through the forgotten keep, where the restless spirits of the Grey Wardens who died there re-enact the moments of their deaths. The keep is also plagued with undead wardens & soldiers, & demons left behind which were summoned during the battle. The Warden uncovers the motivation behind Sophia Dryden’s treasonous rebellion against King Arland from the Demon that possesses her corpse, & within the castle’s tower, an ancient Grey Warden Blood Mdob calculator
, Avernus, works bự repair the damage in the veil .The Warden can choose phệ không tính tiền the demon into the world by slaying Avernus, or bự destroy the demon. The Warden must also seal the veil, with or without the demon’s help, preventing more demons from entering the keep và laying its spirits Khủng rest .Soon thereafter, Levi Dryden và his family move into Soldier’s Peak, preparing the keep as their mới nhất trading outpost & setting up a smithy .

Ancient History

Main article: Ancient History

Alchemical Concoction

On a desk in Avernus ‘ study – the final chamber before the room where the Warden encounters Avernus himself – is a jar containing an ” Alchemical Concoction “. A journal documenting Avernus’s experiments lies on another desk nearby ; reading it triggers the final cut scene, which reveals he was learning how lớn tap the power of the Darkspawn blood ingested by Grey Wardens during the Joining .If the Warden interacts with the jar before reading the journal, the jar is unidentifiable ; only if the Warden triggers the cut scene will they realise it is the final fruit of Avernus ‘ horrific research. Whether or not the Warden knows what the jar is, drinking it unlocks the nguồn of Blood talents, as well as the Diabolist achievement .Party members bởi not seem phệ react béo any of the Warden’s decisions .

The Drydens

Once the quest is completed, the Dryden family will phối up shop outside the Keep. Two merchants will be available, và they give the best discount in the game ( better than the dwarves at your buổi tiệc nhỏ camp ). Levi Dryden’s brother, Mikhael Dryden, is a smith, & has every conceivable non-magical weapon và armor for marketing .

Meteor Metal Ore

Main article: Meteor Metal Ore

While traveling overland, the player might come across While traveling overland, the player might come across a crater. Within the crater is an ore that Mikhael Dryden can fashion into a longsword or a great-sword. This sword of unsurpassed craftsmanship is given the name Starfang, & it is made of star metal, a chất lượng untier material .

Notable items


The following items are available in this downloadable nội dung & may be found in Soldier’s Peak or during their travels in Ferelden .

Codex entries


The following codex entries are available in this downloadable nội dung. They can be found in Soldier’s Peak .

nguồn of Blood abilities


Mage spells


Dark Sustenance Dark Sustenance Activated
Range: Personal
Activation: 0
Cooldown: 60s
A self-inflicted wound lets the mage draw from the power of tainted blood, rapidly regenerating a significant amount of mana but taking a small hit to health.
Bloody Grasp Bloody Grasp Activated
Range: Medium
Activation: 15
Cooldown: 10s
The mage’s own tainted blood becomes a weapon, sapping the caster’s health slightly but inflicting spirit damage on the target. Darkspawn targets suffer additional damage for a short period.

Rogue talents


Dark Passage Dark Passage Passive Tapping the power of tainted blood makes the rogue more nimble, able to move more quickly while using Stealth and more likely to dodge a physical attack.
The Tainted Blade The Tainted Blade Sustained
Upkeep: 40
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 5s
The rogue’s blood gushes forth, coating the edges of weapons with a deadly taint. The character gains a bonus to damage determined by the cunning attribute, but suffers continuously depleting health in return.

Warrior talents


Blood Thirst Blood Thirst Sustained The warriors own tainted blood spills in sacrifice, increasing movement speed, attack speed and critical hit-chance. For as long as this mode is active, however, the warrior suffers greater damage and continuously diminishing health.
Blood Fury Blood Fury Activated
Activation: 35
The warrior sprays tainted blood in order to knock back nearby enemies, which they may resist by passing a physical resistance check. The gush of blood, however, results in a loss of personal health.

Achievements & trophies


Name Requirement Achievement Points Trophy Type Image
Master of the Peak Completed “Soldier’s Peak” 25 Bronze Master of the Peak
Diabolist Took advantage of Avernus’s research 25 Bronze Diabolist



  • xbox360XBOX360
  • If the player or a companion levels during the first fight with the demons on the second floor, the door into the next room (the Shrine) will stay locked, and the only way to complete the quest will be reverting to a prior save.
  • After completing the keep, it is possible to zone back into the tower and then back again; Levi has dialogue meant for later.
  • Occasionally, the trade option will not bring up the trade screen.
  • Sometimes the location on the map disappears along with items found (this is probably due to the deactivated status of the DLC). If that happens, just quit and restart the game.
  • On rare occasions, the player might face 9 undead skeletons instead of the Archivist and the two rage demons; if this happens the Warden Scribe will drop a heavy metal shield with the Warden-Commander emblem on it, comparable in looks to the Grey Warden Tower Shield without the stats. At first it may appear to be invisible, in which case the player should try re-equipping the shield.
  • After killing Avernus, in some cases you may find that once the cut scene completes, enemies are detected in another room, which may require opening the door prior to fighting them. Once battle mode commences, doors cannot be opened, and there is no way to escape battle mode without resorting to a save, due to the room being too small to get far back enough to dis-alert the party. This can be averted by quickly opening the door before battle mode kicks in. On the PS3 the player can simply press up on the D-Pad to focus on the door during combat allowing you to open the door and attack the enemies that have spawned. When that is done, the battle mode ends and you will be free to leave the area.
  • pcPC
    • Immediately run away from the NPC toward the back half of the room the moment the cut scene ends is a reliable solution. Do not wait. Move immediately.
    • Another solution is to exit the area through the door to the bridge, then toggle graphical options such as “Frame buffer effects”, “V-Sync” and “Anti-aliasing”. Return to the area and after the cutscene, battle should progress. Some users report altering resolution also helps.
    • You can also use the console cheats and type “runscript zz_gwb_debug” without the quotes, then choose “make jump to” > “warden keep (repaired)” and that will fix/teleport you to the end of the DLC but will not complete the quest line.
    • A alterative console command option is to use “runscript rubberband” without quotes to restart the NPC’s path and unstick them from the geometry.
    • Speaking to a party member as the cutscene ends will sometimes cause the NPC to complete the path.
  • ps3PS3xbox360storage chest, leave and then return, there is a chance for non-unique items to change their properties; e.g., an Iron Longsword may transmute into a Silverite Longsword, etc.



  • Levi Dryden is also present in the game before the DLC is installed and talking to him will let you purchase and download the DLC through dialogue choices. This has been criticized as breaking immersion – for example, in the Penny Arcade comic of 6th November, 2009. (The comic is also notable in that the Grey Warden in the comic named Dog “Barkspawn”, and Bioware later referenced this in The Darkspawn Chronicles.)
  • If the Warden returns to the cleared keep with Shale as a party member, there will be a group of three ravens on the ground who hop around and follow Shale. It’s not possible to interact with them, but anytime Shale moves the ravens are quick to follow.
  • In Dragon Age II, it is possible to find Avernus’s research on a dead body on The Wounded Coast. There is a potion which will grant 2 attribute points upon drinking.
  • In Dragon Age II, if you let Sophia go in the previous imported save, you will meet her again in the quest Terror on the Coast.



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