50 Fun and Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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Blooming Monogram DIY

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CanopyCreate a DIY Rug From ScratchDIY FLOWER WALLCustom Cork Board – Ikea HackOmbre basket DIYPom pom tassel colorfulDIY Tape Picture FramesDIY SLICED CAKE WALL CLOCKMirror frame wallpaperMake Easy Decoupage PumpkinsAffordable DIY Fall CenterpieceCrochet jute pillowCreating Linear Art with Washi TapeHow To Make a Floral Garland CenterpieceColorful Kitchen Wall Art With Fake FruitsDominos Dorm Room Wall ArtFloral Wall Hanging DIY DecorHow To Hang Wall PlatesDIY Wooden Slat Hanging FrameDIY Hexagonal TrayCover A Lampshade With FabricDIY Tin Can PlantersVintage Mold Tin Strand LightsParty Confetti WallTest Tube Flower Vase With Reclaimed Wood BaseGilded Square Nail Key RackSucculent Wall PlanterHow To Make A Kokedama PlanterEasy Yarn Tassel Wall HangingTomato Cage Side TableDIY Màu sắc Pop Veneered FrameCross Stitch Leather CatchallIndustrial Pipe Coffee CartNautical Anchor Wall ArtWooden Framed Cork BoardNhái Flower Wall ArtBranch Jewelry HolderDIY Tree Stump Side TableCable Knit Sweater Planter CoverHalf Log BookendsCork Leaf TrivetsTissue Paper Flower BackdropPom Pom PillowEmbellished Fabric Flower PillowBilly Ball BouquetMake a Planter for Your Succulent From a Recycled BookDIY Baby MobileEasy DIY Room Décor for BeginnersDisplay Your Favorite Instagram Photos in Your HomeDIY Tree Trunk PlanterDIY project suppliesColorful Wooden Geometric Planters 50 Fun and Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas That Won’t Break The BankBuy Now
Blooming Monogram DIYDIY Bedroom CanopyCreate a DIY Rug From ScratchDIY FLOWER WALLCustom Cork Board – Ikea HackOmbre basket DIYPom pom tassel colorfulDIY Tape Picture FramesDIY SLICED CAKE WALL CLOCKMirror frame wallpaperMake Easy Decoupage PumpkinsAffordable DIY Fall CenterpieceCrochet jute pillowCreating Linear Art with Washi TapeHow To Make a Floral Garland CenterpieceColorful Kitchen Wall Art With Fake FruitsDominos Dorm Room Wall ArtFloral Wall Hanging DIY DecorHow To Hang Wall PlatesDIY Wooden Slat Hanging FrameDIY Hexagonal TrayCover A Lampshade With FabricDIY Tin Can PlantersVintage Mold Tin Strand LightsParty Confetti WallTest Tube Flower Vase With Reclaimed Wood BaseGilded Square Nail Key RackSucculent Wall PlanterHow To Make A Kokedama PlanterEasy Yarn Tassel Wall HangingTomato Cage Side TableDIY Color Pop Veneered FrameCross Stitch Leather CatchallIndustrial Pipe Coffee CartNautical Anchor Wall ArtWooden Framed Cork BoardFake Flower Wall ArtBranch Jewelry HolderDIY Tree Stump Side TableCable Knit Sweater Planter CoverHalf Log BookendsCork Leaf TrivetsTissue Paper Flower BackdropPom Pom PillowEmbellished Fabric Flower PillowBilly Ball BouquetMake a Planter for Your Succulent From a Recycled BookDIY Baby MobileEasy DIY Room Décor for BeginnersDisplay Your Favorite Instagram Photos in Your HomeDIY Tree Trunk PlanterDIY project suppliesColorful Wooden Geometric Planters

Nobody is ever really done decorating their home because there’s always something new that you want to add, something to change, or something to update. You can do it all with DIY home decor. DIY room decor ideas allow you to add your own originality and style to your home without having to spend too much.

DIY room decor

It’s a wonderful way lớn personalize a space & a really great way béo make a house truly feel lượt thích trang chủ. With that in mind, we’re very excited phệ show you today some of our favorite ideas & we can’t wait for you bự try some of these cool DIY projects for yourself. Let’s get started !

Supplies Needed to Make DIY Room Décor Ideas

Before you jump in và start crafting the DIY room of your dreams, you’ll need Khủng gather some supplies. While the exact supplies you need will depend on the project you are embarking on, there are a few basic supplies you should have on hand .Supplies Needed to Make DIY Room Décor Ideas

Basic DIY Room Décor Supplies

  • Paint (in multiple colors)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Permanent Marker
  • Cardboard (save this every time you have some to throw out)
  • Mason Jars
  • Super Glue
  • Craft Glue
  • Clothespins
  • Drop Cloth or Plastic Tarp

Many DIY projects tend lớn begin with supplies you already have. Therefore if you have all of the above supplies on hand, you may find that there are several DIY room décor crafts you can vì without making a trip bự the store .

How to Make DIY Room Décor

DIY projects are usually quite easy, once you get the hang of them. But if this is your first DIY project, you’ll want béo learn how béo make DIY room décor before you begin .Follow the below steps lớn learn how Khủng make DIY room décor so sánh that you don’t have phệ worry about messing up your first big project .

Step 1: Decide the Theme for Your Room

Before you can vì anything DIY-related, you need mập decide what direction you want Khủng take the room in. Otherwise, you will have a bunch of mismatched DIY projects that don’t fit .It can help bự make a drawing of how you want the room béo look. You should also decide on a focal point for the room và start working from there .

Step 2: Pick out DIY Projects

Now that you have your theme, you can begin picking out the individual projects you want Khủng include. Although you may only work on one project at a thời gian, it’s important lớn pick out all the projects in advance so sánh the room can be cohesive .Spend as much giây phút as you need scouring the mạng internet for your ideas & making a danh sách of all those you wish mập include. It can be useful mập add pictures of the items as you go so sánh you remember what they look lượt thích .

Step 3: Shop for Supplies

While you may have most of the supplies at trang chủ, if you are doing a total revamp, you will likely need to shop for a few items for your DIY room décor .Make a danh sách of all the things you need before you head phệ the store in order mập ensure you don’t forget anything. Otherwise, you may get halfway through a project & be unable Khủng continue .

Step 4: Print the Instructions

When you start your first project, you may find it helpful lớn print the instructions. Especially if the project is messy, as it can be difficult Khủng scroll on your computer when you’ve got paint of glue on your hands .

Step 5: Protect Your Workspace and Begin

You’ve got the instructions & the supplies, as well as the directions you will be following. All that is left béo vì is lớn protect the space you will be working in with a drop cloth or tarp then you can begin your first DIY room décor project .

How to Decorate Your Living Room DIY

How to Decorate Your Living Room DIYDIY décor isn’t just limited Khủng a bedroom, và you can decorate any room in your house that you would lượt thích. You can even decorate your living room using DIY projects .Because your living room is such an important part of the trang chủ, you want bự make sure only the classiest DIY room décor projects get put in your living room .Below are some DIY living room décor ideas that will keep your room feeling classy while also letting you customize the room with your DIY skills .

DIY Living Room Ideas

  • Hang DIY art on the walls
  • Make DIY trinkets to place on a mantel or side table
  • Use DIY bookends on any bookshelves
  • Add DIY pillows to the couch or chair
  • Put flowers (fake or real) in DIY vases
  • Craft crate furniture
  • Use DIY crafts to upgrade lamps

Although it is possible mập make DIY couches, most people find they would rather purchase a couch, then use DIY room décor phệ build the room around the couch. Thus ensuring that you have a comfortable place phệ sit bự admire all your DIY décor .

Easy DIY Room Décor for Beginners

Easy DIY Room Décor for BeginnersNot all DIY room décor ideas are easy, và there are many projects that will look daunting Khủng you at first. There are many easy DIY room décor ideas for beginners, however, so sánh don’t be afraid Khủng start with one of these easy projects .

Easy DIY Room Décor Ideas

  • DIY Picture Frames
  • DIY Bookends
  • Painted Pots or Vases for Plants
  • DIY Chalkboard
  • DIY Wall Art
  • Mirror Upgrades
  • Photo Garland
  • Organizational Milk Crates
  • DIY Desk Top Organizer Projects
  • DIY Bulletin Boards
  • Repainting Furniture You Already Have

Thes e ideas are not only great for an adult beginning DIYer, but also if you have a teen who is interested in redoing their room with DIY projects. Just ensure you supervise your teen while he or she is crafting their DIY room décor .

DIY Baby Room Décor Ideas

DIY Baby MobileDIY room décor is so sánh formidable you can even use it in a baby’s room. As you make DIY projects for your nursery, it is critical béo keep in mind that a baby will be in the room, meaning you need Khủng keep in mind how easy a DIY project is Khủng take small pieces off of .

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Keeping your baby in mind, it can be difficult béo think of safe projects for your nursery. The danh sách below has many DIY ideas that you can safely implement in your nursery as you decorate .

DIY Baby Room Ideas

  • Painted Letters for the Baby’s Name
  • DIY Mobile for Over the Crib (ensure no pieces will fall off)
  • DIY Hamper or Laundry Basket
  • DIY Wall Art
  • DIY Garland (hung high enough that the baby can’t reach)
  • Repaint Nursery Furniture (be sure to use a baby-safe paint and seal all painted pieces to prevent chipping)
  • DIY Toybox
  • DIY Wall Chalkboard
  • Create New Covers for Decorative Pillows
  • DIY Baby Gym
  • Set Up a Wall Growth Chart
  • DIY Outlet Covers

DIY Room Décor Ideas for Teens

The only thing more difficult than making DIY décor that is safe for your baby’s room is making DIY décor that your teen will enjoy. But this doesn’t mean you have phệ buy everything for your teen’s room as there are many DIY projects your teen will love .The key phệ DIY room décor for teens is phệ sit xuống dốc with your teen before you begin & find out what they want out of the décor in their room .If the two of you can find a theme phệ agree on, this will lower any resistance they have lớn your DIY ideas và may even excite them a bit .Additionally, you should always let a teen help with the DIY creation of their room. When they play a part in making it, they will feel much more proud of what they have accomplished when it is finished .

DIY Room Décor for Teens

  • Repaint Old Furniture to Match the New Theme
  • Create a Selfie Wall
  • Woven Storage Baskets
  • Reupholster the Old Headboard
  • DIY Corkboard
  • DIY Charging Station for Devices
  • Create a Reading/Relaxing Nook
  • DIY Terrariums
  • Repaint the Walls
  • DIY Rugs
  • Paint Storage Boxes
  • DIY Pouffe

Most of these projects will take your help béo complete, but there are several on this danh sách your teen can help with. In fact, on some of these projects, you should let your teen take the lead so sánh they can feel they are in charge of their space .Now that you’ve learned all about how bự make DIY room décor, và which rooms you can make it for, it’s thời gian lớn look at some simple projects lớn get you started .

Simple and Affordable DIY Room Decor Ideas for Your Home

1. Billy Ball Yarn Flowers Bouquet for room decor

I love flowers but I find it very inconvenient that they wither rather quickly và you can’t really enjoy them for very long. Faux flowers are a good alternative but most try too much béo look real that they actually kết thúc up being disappointing .That’s what makes this bắt mắt billy ball bouquet so sánh interesting. It has an identity of its own .

2. Embellished Fabric Flower Pillows to decorate a room

Pillows make lovely decorations, và while you can surely find many nice ones in retail stores, if you want something with a bit more character, you can make your own embellished fabric flower pillows .The project starts with a plain pillow which you can either buy or make. For the flowers, you’ll just need some fabric scraps, scissors, a needle, và thread .

3. Cozy Pom-Pom Pillow

Speaking of pillows, another đẹp tươi idea can be phệ decorate one with little pom-poms around the edges. It would look lovely on the sofa or a chair .For this project, you need a small pom-pom garland, scissors, a needle, & thread. Before you know it, your pom-pom pillow is done và ready lớn make your trang chính look extra cozy .

4. Tissue Paper Flower Backdrop

Plain walls can sometimes look austere & boring so sánh perhaps you’d lượt thích Khủng add some màu Khủng them by decorating them with tissue paper flowers .This is a rather easy project really for which you require tissue paper in multiple colors, some twine, yarn or twist ties, scissors, & painter’s tape. Mix và match the colors however you lượt thích .

5. Cork Leaf Trivets

Even something as simple as the cork trivets you use in your kitchen & dining room can be customized, và this is in fact one of the easiest DIY projects on this danh sách .If you want béo make your own cork leaf trivets just lượt thích these ones, you’re going mập need cork which comes in sheets or rolls, an x-acto knife, a marker, some cardstock, felt, scissors, và spray adhesive .

6. Half Log Book Ends

Everyone has at least a couple of books in their trang chính, but regardless of how big or small your collection is, bookends are always a nice little feature. They’re not only extremely useful, but they are also nice bự look at, especially if you craft them yourself .How about making some half log bookends ? You can use paint Khủng give them some màu sắc & character, or you can embrace the raw, natural look .

7. Sweater Planter Covers

Keep your indoor plants nice & cozy with đã mắt sweater planter covers. The role of the planter cover is purely decorative, so sánh don’t worry about anything else .The cool thing about this project is that it lets you upcycle an old knitted sweater so sánh next giây phút you change your wardrobe, don’t throw out your old clothes just yet và look for ways phệ recycle them first .

8. Tree Stump Side Table

You could even make your own furniture. Nothing too big or complicated … just a tree stump side table. It’s a nice DIY project for beginners, requiring very little planning .For this project, you’ll need a tree trunk ( a large log would bởi as well ), tam swivel casters, some screws, a drill, sandpaper, clear polyurethane, & a paintbrush .

9. Branch Jewelry Holder

Some home page decor pieces are also very useful, lượt thích this branch jewelry holder. To make this functional DIY room decor, you will need a branch ( tìm kiếm for one that looks nice ), some sandpaper, spray paint, a drill, và screws .You can install it on a wall or a cabinet in your bedroom, dressing room, closet, etc .

10. Wooden Geometric Planters

If you’d lượt thích Khủng add a little bit of greenery béo your home page, perhaps you’d enjoy making these little wooden geometric planters. Not only are these planters perfect for air plants, but they’re also pretty fun lớn make .Each planter starts out as a wooden block. You can use a saw bự shape it và give it a geometric khung. You’re also going lớn need sandpaper, paint, a drill, & a paintbrush .

11. 3-D DIY Room Decor Fake Flower Wall Art

This is a 3 chiều giả flower vase that you can display on a wall, just as a way lớn add some màu sắc & pattern Khủng your trang chính decor & phệ create a focal point .To make your own phiên bản of this DIY room decor, you’re going lớn need a few things such as paper straws, a foam board, giả flowers & leaves, scissors, tissue paper, canvas, và a hot glue gun. Have fun personalizing the thiết kế .

12. Wooden Framed Cork Board

This framed cork board is also a lovely idea for a DIY trang chủ decor project. You can use it as an organizer or bự pin máy Macbook things lượt thích notes, photos, etc .To make your own board, you’re going mập need a wooden frame, corkboard, decorative tissue paper, decoupage glue, a foam brush, scissors, thumbtacks, và a hot glue gun .

13. DIY Room Decor Nautical Anchor Wall Art

Some nautical-themed wall art would look nice in a beach house, although this project is more versatile than that, so sánh you could also add it mập any room if you think it suits the decor .If you have a child obsessed with boats or the ocean, this anchor would look perfect on the wall of a child’s room. It’s made using trắng rope, red burlap ribbon, canvas, paint, & of course, the main piece – a wooden anchor with glitter on it .You could easily skip the glitter part if you prefer a simpler look .

14. DIY Industrial Pipe Coffee Cart

That little tree stump side table we mentioned before isn’t the only piece of furniture that you can build by yourself. If you’re ready béo try something a bit more complex, kiểm tra out this DIY industrial pipe coffee cart .It has casters so sánh it’s easy mập move it around, two shelves for storage, & a little counter on top. Turn it into a dế yêu coffee station or a little bar cart .

15. Cross-stitch Leather Catchall DIY Room Decor 

A cross-stitch leather catchall lượt thích this one is a useful accessory for any trang chủ or workspace. Use it béo keep your phone, keys, sunglasses, & other things nice & organized, all in the same place .This one is made of leather & has a lovely two-tone thiết kế. It’s surprisingly easy phệ make, & there are a ton of ways in which you can personalize it .

16. Color Pop Veneered Frame

Give an old frame a quick makeover so sánh it’s better suited for the type of decor which surrounds it or just so sánh you change its appearance phệ refresh your trang chủ decor .If you lượt thích a particular frame, here’s what you’re going béo need in order bự create something similar : wood veneer, spray adhesive, spray paint, spray lacquer, painter’s tape, an x-acto knife, & a straight edge. use your mới nhất veneered frame mập display family photos or artwork .

17. Tomato Cage Side Table DIY Room Decor

Did you know you can turn a tomato cage into a side table ? It’s actually pretty simple. You need the wire cage, a màn piece of plywood, bốn metal brackets, a drill, tám small screws, wire cutters, và some spray paint .We suggest painting the cage Khủng give it a sleek và modern look. The tomato cage table looks really chic, with a lightweight và simple thiết kế & a very versatile appearance .

18. Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging

Here’s something that you can display on your walls as a way bự add màu, texture, và character phệ the room. It’s something that you can put together yourself using just a few simple things lượt thích colored yarn, a wooden dowel rod, và two metal rings .If you want lớn make changes Khủng the kiến thiết that’s fine, just kế hoạch everything accordingly. Check out the instructions on diys .

19. Make a Kokedama Planter

Kokedama planters have a sculptural appearance that other more traditional types lack. If you don’t know how Khủng make a kokedama planter, that’s ok because it’s all quite simple, as our tutorial explains .Here’s what you’re going mập need : Sphagnum moss or sheet moss, Bonsai compost, twine or string, a bowl, gardening gloves, và of course, a plant .

20. Create a Succulent DIY Room Decor Wall Planter

I really love cacti và small succulent plants và I’m constantly looking for fresh mới ra ways Khủng display them & make them a part of the trang chủ decor .This succulent wall planter is one of the coolest options we’ve come across so sánh perhaps you too would lượt thích lớn build one for your own trang chủ. The project starts with a wooden box so sánh be sure you pick one that has an interesting shape và a suitable form size .You can paint it or decorate it if you want béo .

21. DIY Gilded Square Nail Key Rack

Here’s a nice little accessory that you can add phệ your entryway : a gilded square nail key rack that’s not just practical but also đầy đủ of potential when it comes lớn kiến thiết .You could make this with hooks instead of these square nails although this industrial look is pretty cool too. Apart from that, this phiên bản was made using a rectangular piece of wood, clear polyurethane, string, và some gold spray paint .

22. DIY Room Decor Test Tube Vase

Isn’t this demo tube vase just wonderful ? We love the contrast between the solid block of wood serving as a base và the sleek & delicate glass demo tubes .As expected, you can make something lượt thích this yourself và it would be a fairly simple DIY project. You can paint or stain the woodblock or you can just apply a clear coat of sealant béo preserve its natural appearance .

23. Decorate a Wall with Giant Confetti

Decorate a wall with giant confetti. This can either be something you kế hoạch for a buổi tiệc nhỏ or a permanent decor feature. Either way, it’s all very simple .All you need is a circle cutter, colorful cardstock, & tape. Cut out circles in different colors và simply stick them onto the wall. You can create any pattern you want. This đẹp tươi idea was featured on diys .

24. DIY Room Decor Vintage Mold Tin Strand Lights

An old string of lights is something that almost everyone has, usually forgotten in a dark corner or a storage cabinet or the garage. It’s about thời gian you used it in a DIY trang chính decor project .A particularly quirky idea is lớn use vintage mold tins bự create little shades around the lights. Sure, it’s not the most versatile project out there but it’s an option that might just be for you .

25. Colorful Tin Can Planters

Tin cans are surprisingly reusable và there are many clever ways in which you can upcycle them và turn them into beautiful decorations. For example, you could make tin can planters .Clean them, spray paint them, punch a few holes in the bottom, và there you have it. You can add soil & give your plants a hot nhất trang chủ .

26. Cover an Old Lampshade with Fabric

Tired of looking at the same old lamp every day ? Maybe it’s phút giây for a makeover. A quick và easy idea is Khủng cover the lampshade with fabric just phệ change the look without making any structural modifications .Take out the old lampshade, cut out a piece of fabric ( measure it based on the form size of the shade ) & adhere it mập the shade using spray adhesive .

27. DIY Room Decor Hexagonal Tray to Organize Small Belongings

Things lượt thích trays, baskets, & boxes are super useful around the house và great lớn have around. You can use them in a lot of ways, most often phệ store or phệ organize things .You could make a hexagonal tray lớn keep on your desk or table & you could put inside things lượt thích candles, small planters, keys, etc. You could even use it as a sort of catchall for all the items you normally keep in your pockets .

28. DIY Wood Slat Hanging Frame to Liven Up Your Wall

Even something as simple as a wooden slat hanging frame can have a big impact on a room’s decor và ambiance. Make one for one of your favorite posters or print và display it on a wall bự make the room look & feel more cohesive. It would be a lovely weekend project .

29. DIY Room Decor Hanging Wall Plates for Your Kitchen or Dining Room

Decorative plates used bự be very popular a while ago & today they’re a nice way phệ add a retro touch Khủng a space. Hanging wall plates is not exactly difficult & you can use this technique Khủng add a cozy touch phệ just about any room .We suggest the kitchen or the dining area simply because it makes sense .

30. An Adorable Tree Trunk Planter for Succulents

If by any chance you can find yourself a tree trunk piece, we suggest turning it into a planter. It doesn’t need bự be big so sánh even a small fallen tree would be a good resource lớn take advantage of .You could make an adorable tree trunk planter for succulents which could also double as a bookend .

31. Create a Floral Wall Hanging with Silk Flowers and White Tulle

Putting flowers in vases isn’t the only way in which you can display them around your trang chính. A particularly interesting alternative is this floral wall hanging piece .To make this piece you need silk flowers, a branch, & some trắng tulle. The White tulle is a really nice touch, more delicate than twine và less noticeable .

32. Domino-Themed DIY Room Decor Wall Art

Some domino-themed wall art might look nice in a game room but is also simple & versatile enough mập look at trang chính in living rooms, trang chủ offices, và even bedrooms .Some square-shaped canvases, Black & Trắng paint, và a circle template are enough bự make this project amazing. Check out the tutorial on DIYs .

33. Put Fake Fruits in Shadowboxes to Brighten Up Any Wall

This is one of my absolute favorite projects. The idea is phệ put giả fruits in shadowboxes & then hang them on a wall. They add pops of màu Khủng the decor & they make great focal points .Add these béo your kitchen lớn cheer up the space và pick your favorite fruits or vegetables béo add a personal touch béo the project. Check out DIYs for more details .

34. DIY Room Decor Floral Garden Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

If you’re ever trying béo think of a mới ra DIY project you can try, a table centerpiece is always a cool idea. With so sánh many different options lớn choose from you can definitely find one that suits your phong cách .Floral centerpieces are popular so sánh how about a floral garland similar béo this one ? You can find out how lớn make it by following the tutorial on DIYs .

35. Create a Piece of Linear Art with Washi Tape

Washi tape is a really great resource too when it comes béo DIY room decor projects. You can bởi a lot of cool things with it, lượt thích some eye-catching artwork which you can display on the walls or your trang chủ .It doesn’t have béo be a very complex piece. Abstract geometric designs are easy, fun, và interesting. Check out this one from DIYs as inspiration .

36. Crochet Jute Decorative Pillows for Your Living Room

Decorative pillows can be used béo easily add some detail phệ a room & make a space feel lượt thích trang chủ. Thes e crocheted jute pillows are quite easy lớn make & have a ải shape which helps phệ mix them apart from other more conventional accent pillows .You can find out all about them in the tutorial from dreamalittlebigger .

37. DIY Room Decor Fall-Themed Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

Fall centerpieces can take many different forms & this one is quite interesting & more unusual than most others. The key element here is the glass cloche which sits on a wooden base & has a rustic rope sort of handle .Inside you can put a variety of different fall-inspired items lượt thích miniature pumpkins, flowers, & so sánh on. Check out firstdayofhome for more details & ideas .

38. Easy Decoupage Pumpkins for Halloween

Decorating pumpkins is always fun, whether you use a knife mập carve out a pattern và turn it into a jack-o-lantern or you use a completely different technique. Here for instance the technique used involves glue và scrapbook paper .This works great with a faux pumpkin but can also be used with a real one as well. More details can be found on firstdayofhome .

39. Wallpaper an Old Mirror to Give It a Complete Makeover

Did you know you can use wallpaper for something other than a wall ? It’s a really versatile resource that you can incorporate into a variety of trang chủ improvement projects .For example, you can use wallpaper bự remodel và redecorate an old mirror. You can see that exemplified in this project from pillarboxblue .

40. DIY Room Decor Sliced Cake Wall Clock

Wall clocks are mostly decorative these days so sánh it’s important phệ choose one with an interesting thiết kế. This right here is one of the most original ones we’ve seen in a while .It’s a cake-inspired clock kiến thiết & there’s a slice that’s been cut out just béo give it a bit more character. Check out dreamgreendiy for the tutorial .

41. DIY Tape Picture Frames Made With Washi Tape

It’s often the frame that helps a picture, a painting, or a mirror Khủng look more interesting & bự fit into a particular décor. There are many different types of frames that can be made from all sorts of different materials .The ones featured on designsponge are made out of washi tape which is one of the more peculiar và unusual options .

42. DIY Pom-Pom Tassel Garland for a Birthday Party

Pom-poms và tassels are the go-to ornaments for a lot of different types of projects. Garlands are a great example .You can use both pom-poms & tassels bự make a super colorful & xinh đẹp garland for birthday parties & various special events. It could look something lượt thích this. Check out aliceandlois for more details .

43. DIY Room Decor Ombre Basket to Organize Your Home

Baskets và boxes are great for organizing various items và for storage in general. Thos e that look extra xinh xắn và stylish can often have an unjustifiably high price .You can avoid spending on them by taking a simple & plain basket & decorating it yourself. Spray paint is very useful in this case. This ombre basket thiết kế from thelifejolie proves it .

44. Custom Cork Board for Your Home Office or Bedroom

Corkboards can be both practical & nice béo look at và they’re not just for offices. You can decorate a wall in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen using cork boards, & it doesn’t have phệ be expensive or a complicated project .Just take some cork rounds, màu them using acrylic paint, then display them on a wall in any pattern you lượt thích. You can find some inspiration on oheverythinghandmade in that regard .

45. DIY Flower Wall for a Spare Bedroom Wall

Space wall space above the bed can sometimes make a bedroom look empty & overly simple. It’s also a perfect spot for displaying all sorts of decorations, including some that are handmade, lượt thích these hanging flowers featured on sweetteal .This is a really nice way mập add some màu sắc bự the bedroom. If you don’t want phệ spend the additional money on a headboard, it’s a great way phệ create a similar look in your bedroom without spending a fortune .

46. Make a Planter for Your Succulent From a Recycled Book

This is one of the most quality projects on our danh sách today, which is brought Khủng you by Instructables. If you have old books gathering dust in your trang chính, you might be wondering how you could put them mập good use again around your house .Otherwise, buy some inexpensive books second-hand, which will be a cheap base for this project. You’ll start by hacking into the book with a craft knife Khủng create the base for your succulents béo live in .You don’t just have mập stick Khủng making one of these planters và could instead make a whole book-themed collection. Succulents are so sánh popular this year, & we think this is a really fun way phệ display them in your home page .Your plant will be happy và healthy in the book for many months lớn come, & you’ll have recycled an thành công that was otherwise about lớn go lớn waste .

47. Display Your Favorite Instagram Photos in Your Home

We all love taking photos for our Instagram và Facebook accounts today, but we rarely take the giây phút & effort lớn print them out và display them in our homes. We think this is such a shame, as you are taking the giây phút và effort mập capture these special moments .This DIY Instagram photo display from Little Inspiration is a really inexpensive project that just needs a basic photo frame bự get started. From there, you’ll add floral wire & mini clothespins or clips mập hang your photos .Try bự find somewhere that can print your photos on classic Instagram-style paper for the best effect. This would look great in a home page entryway or in your office or bedroom .You’ll smile every phút giây you see this photo display as you remember the great memories you made with your family & friends .

48. Create a DIY Room Decor Rug From Scratch

If you are looking for a mới ra centerpiece for your bedroom floor, have a go at this DIY rug project from Paper và Stitch. This project creates a huge DIY rug, which measures 5 x tám ft, so sánh it will take up plenty of space on a bare bedroom floor .While you may think this is a really ambitious project, that’s far from the truth. You’ll only need a small selection of supplies, & you can tailor the project mập the form size & shape that you desire for your home page .You’ll start off by using multi-use netting và cốt tông piping. Cotton piping comes in a variety of thicknesses, & you can choose any option for this project .However, if you are looking mập save giây phút, we recommend going for a thicker piping option as it speeds up the project quite a bit .

49. DIY Bedroom Canopy

Give your bedroom a complete makeover with this very simple DIY bedroom canopy project. You’ll feel lượt thích you are sleeping in a khách sạn room every night when you add this dreamy addition lớn your bedroom .Instead of making an extravagant canopy for your bedroom, we recommend just keeping things simple, as demonstrated by Spindles Designs .An embroidery hoop is the main thing you’ll need phệ get started, và you’ll just paint it in the same màu sắc as your fabric phệ blend in with the whole kiến thiết .This canopy neatly tucks away lớn the sides of your bed when not in use, so sánh you don’t have mập worry about it constantly being in the way when you are sleeping .

50. Blooming Monogram DIY Room Decor

Lulus shows us how phệ make this beautiful blooming monogram DIY project. If you are looking for a chic & pretty addition mập your trang chính, this is the perfect project for the spring or summer months .You can, of course, change the thiết kế lớn fit your name, & you could even spell out a đầy đủ địa cầu with these DIY monograms. We love the light pink roses that are used in this project, which are matched with tiny White daisies .However, feel không lấy phí béo use any flowers you lượt thích mập create the màu & thiết kế you desire .

How to Create DIY Room Décor Jars

How to Create DIY Room Décor JarsTransforming mason jars into décor is one of the oldest DIY room décor tricks in the book. Use these decorative jars as vases, storage containers for small items, pencil holders, or even just place them for decoration .

DIY Room Décor Jars Supplies:

  • Mason Jars (cleaned)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes

Step 1: Give the Jars a Base

You want the màu sắc you are going Khủng paint on the jars lớn look solid, so sánh start by giving the mason jar two đầy đủ coats of trắng paint, letting the paint dry between the two layers ( don’t forget mập paint the inside rim of the jar as well ) .

Step 2: Prepare Your Paints

It’s best if you know what thiết kế you are going phệ paint before you begin & get your colors ready phệ go. Otherwise, you’ll have Khủng put the jar xuống dốc while you paint .

Step 3: Paint Your Jar

Time for the fun part, paint your jar any colors you want. You can bởi vì stripes, spots, solid colors, or even a thiết kế, the sky is the limit. After painting, let the jars dry overnight before use .

How to Decorate a Clock for Kids Room DIY

One of the most prominent features in a kids ’ room is their clock &, lucky for you, this is also one of the easiest pieces phệ DIY mập bring a breath of fresh air into the room décor .A DIY clock is a good starting DIY piece for a room, as it can easily be worked on at the table. Here are the instructions béo make your own clock for your kids ’ room .

Decorating a DIY Room Décor Clock Supplies:

  • Paint
  • Round Wooden Clock Face
  • Wooden Numbers (or you can paint them)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Clock Mechanism with Hands
  • Any Stencils or Stickers You Want to Decorate
  • Glue

DIY Room Décor Clock Decorating Instructions:

Step 1: Paint the Clock Face

Before you bởi vì anything else, sit xuống dốc & paint the clock face. You can paint it all one màu, or include a decoration. For example, a kid with a space-themed room would want a clock face that is Đen with painted on stars. Let this dry completely .

Step 2: Paint the Numbers

While the clock face is drying, you can paint the numbers. If you have chosen phệ paint on the numbers yourself, then you will need bự wait for the clock face bự dry completely before beginning the number painting .The numbers should be a contrasting màu so sánh they stand out on the clock face .

Step 3: Paint the Hands

Depending on the clock mechanism you chose, you’ll want bự paint the hands Khủng match the numbers on the clock face. You can also add a decoration mập the clock’s hands. For the space example, it might be a good idea phệ glue a small wooden rocket lớn the top clock hand .

Step 4: Put the Numbers on the Clock

Once the face is dry, affix the clock numbers with glue. You will also want béo take this giây phút Khủng add any additional decorations you kế hoạch phệ add phệ the clock .

Step 5: Install the Clock Mechanism

After everything is dry, it’s phút giây béo put in the clock mechanism. Double-check that your hands are in the right order và that your decorations won’t disrupt the movement of the clock hands. Put in a battery và then you have a DIY clock for your kids ’ room.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )FAQ

Can You Make Money Selling DIY Room Décor?

It is possible bự make money by selling DIY décor as long as you make pieces that look lượt thích they are professionally made & are in demand.

Can You Use DIY Décor for a Teenage Boys Room?

Teenage boys can be picky, but if they are into a certain theme it is very easy béo make DIY room décor for a teenage boy. For example, if your teenage boy likes anime, decorate his room using anime-themed DIY room décor.

Can You Make DIY Room Décor Without Buying Anything?

Not all DIY crafts require a trip Khủng the store ! You can oftentimes make DIY room décor by using things you find lying around your trang chính or already have on hand.

How Many Walls in a Room Should Have DIY Décor?

When making DIY room décor you want Khủng be careful not Khủng over-decorate. Generally, you should aim bự decorate 60 % of the available wall area in a room, leaving 40 % of the walls blank.

Where Do You Start When Using DIY Décor to Decorate a Room?

To begin the DIY decoration process it’s important that you start with the focal point of your room, such as a bed or fireplace, & build the room from there mập ensure cohesion in your décor.

Time to Revamp Your Room With DIY Room Décor

All of these fun and easy DIY room décor ideas will barely take you any time to create but will make a fun addition to any room in your home. These projects are all budget-friendly, and many of them reuse old items that are hanging around your home.

Which one of these projects are you most excited bự try first ? Enjoy having a go at any of these easy crafts this year !

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