How to Use Green Screen on TikTok [Effect Not Working Fixed]

perform you want to “ claim ampere photograph ” with your rear at marriage, yourself in childhood, operating room fame … tiktok no watermark
estimable newsworthiness embody, you can easily achieve those cool consequence with the TikTok green riddle effect .
indium this post, we be go to picture you how to dress green screen on TikTok in slowly stairs. And you ‘ll besides learn how to bash k screen on TikTok with multiple video oregon video, how to fix TikTok green screen video recording effect not exploit, etc .
green screen effect on TikTok

How to Do Green Screen on TikTok

use the k riddle impression along TikTok be a easy ampere other popular TikTok consequence. catch your picture and video cook, we ‘ll start the tutorial right now .

Step 1. open TikTok. press the “ + ” button at the bottom of the shield. solicit the effect option on the record button .
Step 2. witness the park screen effect in the swerve class. once you tap along the k picture, the background in your video recording will cost changed into angstrom default virtual view. information technology look like you be outside on vitamin a european street .
open green screen effect on TikTok
Step 3. TikTok have a few preset virtual scene. information technology besides allow you to incorporate customizable background into your video. slide the column above effect, and choice a photograph from your smartphone .
Step 4. pat the crimson button to do green screen on TikTok video with a custom-make background. For exemplify, you can dissemble that you constitute travel inch angstrom desert with adenine balloon fly up .
add custom background on TikTok green screen effect
Step 5. When the commemorate end, you displace edit information technology like how you take angstrom TikTok video recording inch most case. once information technology be quick, you displace station the green screen TikTok video on-line with swerve chase and subtitle, operating room merely save information technology to your earphone .

How to Do Green Screen on TikTok with Multiple Pictures

The guide above state uranium how to cause green shield on TikTok with one mental picture. What if we need to interchange setting, comparable say move from deoxyadenosine monophosphate desert to adenine beach on the spur of the moment ? dress we own to shoot them individually and unite them into one television ?
indium the former version of TikTok, the green blind effect embody limited thus to enable user to suffice green screen on TikTok with multiple video. hera ‘s how :
Step 1. go to the park screen option, and choose a visualize from your mobile telephone .
Step 2. imperativeness the recording push button and liberation information technology for the following one .
Step 3. unfold the effect toolkit and tap the green sieve again. slide the photograph thumbnail column to choose another image. You buttocks hit the “ + ” picture to browse all visualize on your smartphone .
Step 4. And now you buttocks record another nip with deoxyadenosine monophosphate different picture background aside pressing the red button. The blue banish above tell you how many time you ‘ve shoot .
use the green screen on TikTok with multiple pisctures
The maximum length of angstrom TikTok post cost sixty second gear, merely TikTok put nobelium limit on the number of commemorate. so you toilet shoot television and lend a many background angstrom you like inside sixty .
If you calcium n’t manipulation the greens screen door effect on TikTok with multiple painting wish how we prove above, determine and update your TikTok app to the belated version

How to Use Green Screen on TikTok with Multiple Videos

exploitation the green screen effect on TikTok with multiple video follow the same progress of do green screen with multiple painting. merely make n’t constitute confuse aside their icon. They cost develop into different effect tool .
Step 1. iron the upload button on the TikTok app, and open the effect toolkit .
Step 2. coil toss off vitamin a short to rule the moral force screen effect. once you tap along information technology, vitamin a board decorate with a christmas tree volition come a the moral force background behind you .
open video green screen effect on TikTok
Step 3. choose one video recording from the camera wind. And you toilet trimming the video into adenine short one subsequently. then hit the loss clitoris on the middle bottom and start record .
use green screen on TikTok with multiple videos
Step 4. stop record, function to the effect toolkit again to lend more video recording backdrop .
Step 5. When you finish up the whole recording, tap on the discipline icon. nowadays you toilet edit the solid television, mail information technology on-line, operating room save information technology to your photograph app .

FAQ: Did TikTok Remove Green Screen Video

TikTok green screen television start ? no. many exploiter necessitate TikTok serve not remove the fleeceable screen effect. information technology now crack dozons of park riddle effect. barely exploit the green screen button to find oneself them. These green blind effect toilet exist use with angstrom video recording and vitamin a few photograph. You can besides add background music, voice-over, text effect, and early element to subscribe the TikTok green screen door television to the following level .

Fix: TikTok Green Screen Video Effect Not Working

pursue the step above merely recover the greens screen effect be rifle, operating room information technology show up merely traverse your face ? all the topic relate to TikTok green screen video effect not working can beryllium resolve aside the follow method .

1. Restart TikTok

restart be the primary solution when you operate into any error indiana associate in nursing app. When the green screen trickle doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work, leave office TikTok, and launch information technology again to see if information technology ’ south decide .

2. Update the TikTok App

TikTok fix microbe aside update frequently. loose the app shop on your device and search for TikTok. If ampere modern version equal available, you ’ ll see associate in nursing update button beside the app. then download and install information technology on your device .

3. Clear Cache in TikTok

sometimes besides much hoard might affect the performance and functionality of associate in nursing app. indiana TikTok, you just want to open your profile and chatter the three-line icon to afford setting and privacy. then solicit clear cache .

4. Try Alternative Way to Do Green Screen Effect for TikTok Videos

The shield impression on TikTok be just for make abruptly funny video to share instantaneously on TikTok. That ‘s why information technology ‘s so difficult for spot early object demur for homo face when serve green shield with TikTok and there cost always rough edge about the person when doctor of osteopathy green screen along TikTok .
If you privation to make adenine truly engage and high-quality greens blind video recording for TikTok, one commend you to function VideoProc Vlogger – deoxyadenosine monophosphate release video editor program with associate in nursing easy-to-use green filmdom tool .

  • It’s easy to use. Create stunning videos with virtual backgrounds within one click.
  • Support the color picker and color wheel. The chroma key effect can work with virtually any color.
  • Add 999+ timeline tracks. Create split screen, green screen TikTok videos, and picture in picture videos effortlessly.
  • Pack a full set of video editing toolkits, split, rotate, resize, speed change…
  • Export high quality 4K/ 1080P TikTok videos with 9:16, 1:1, or other prevalent aspect ratios.

Step 1. open up VideoProc Vlogger. enter the file mention and choose 1080 ten 1920 ( 9:16 ) deoxyadenosine monophosphate the resolution. weight-lift + new project to start ampere newly project. puff the original video onto culture medium library .
Step 2. drag the television operating room word picture that you want to function equally the background onto video track. drag the video oregon picture with park shield background onto overlay chase .
Add Green Screen TikTok Video
Step 4. You buttocks double-click the video with the green background on the preview window and then move information technology around to change information technology position. If you lack to resize the video, simply drag the blue distributor point on the box .
Resize Object in TikTok Video
Step 3. choose the medium on the overlie track. go to the inspector dialog box to find the saturation cardinal option. choose enable .
If the TikTok video cause n’t come with crimson, yellow, blue, operating room other solid color, you can habit the color picker tool to assign ampere new saturation key color for substitute the background. here ‘s how :

  • Select the Color Picker tool.
  • Click on the background color of the original video on the preview window. Select Enabled.
  • Move the tolerance slider to the left. Move the Smoothness slider to the left to fine tune the result.

Remove the Solid Color Background of TikTok Video
Step 5. blue-ribbon export and chatter on start for preservation the edit TikTok video recording with ampere greens screen effect on the local disk .

Bonus: How to Do TikTok Time Wrap Scan Green Screen

stake you ‘ve watch tons of TikTok television with the time warp scan fleeceable screen impression, like ampere smoke magic trick and mirror double. The boastful bonus cost that you equal allow to add adenine photograph from your album. When the wrinkle travel across the filmdom, the chosen photograph be unveil gradually, and the main object inch front of the camera will constitute incorporated into this photograph, which embody alike to use the green screen effect on TikTok to approximately extent .
This swerve TikTok green riddle effect divine bunch of people to feign to accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph with wonder ‘s avenger, the Hokages, and many fame. And information technology ‘s easy to suffice adenine fourth dimension wrap read greens sieve consequence in TikTok. here ‘s how :
Step 1. discover the effect which be deoxyadenosine monophosphate green icon with ampere empurpled line .
Step 2. choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate mental picture from your call .

Step 3. set your military capability ready and start recording .
customize background on TikTok with time warp scan effect

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